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Arlington, VA 22207

For the Bath

 Use these in or after a warm bath.  They are locally made, high quality, small batch products, made with natural and organic (where possible) raw materials. 

  • Cleansing Calm Foot Spray

    Cleansing Calm Foot Spray

    Freshen and rejuvenate your feet with our cleansing and aromatic blend of black tea, peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus and tea tree oils.  Specifically formulated for tired, sweaty, boring or overworked feet.  As an added bonus, Cleansing...


  • Enriching Body & Massage Oil

    Enriching Body & Massage Oil

    Feel the difference on your skin and beneath with these carefully blended oils!  A more natural alternative to lotion, rub into your skin just before getting out of the shower for moist skin, or use...


  • Herb Soak Salts

    Herb Soak Salts

    Beautifully bountify your bath and bring the Sanctuary soak experience home with you!  Available in select HoS product line varieties, our herb soak salts are carefully designed to smooth skin, moisturize, draw out toxins, and...


  • Smoothing Salt Scrub

    Smoothing Salt Scrub

    Moisturize, exfoliate, smooth and shine your beautiful feet and body with our natural Smoothing Salt Scrub.  Made with dead sea salts and aromatherapeutic blends of scents to enjoy the glow and the lifted spirits.  Available...


  • Take(me) Away Tea Soak Bags

    Take(me) Away Tea Soak Bags

    A convenient way to enjoy a soak in your own space.  Formulated with salts to draw out toxins, essential oils to offer aromatherapeutic benefits, as well as tea and herbs to emulate the foot soak...